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The Radio Frequency Coordination Portal (RFCP) accepts requests to support interference analysis for coordination of spectrum use in AWS-3 1695 1710 MHz band coordination zones. The RFCP serves three key types of users:

The RCFP provides a communication mechanism between licensees and incumbents so that licensees can submit network deployment requests for analysis to mitigate interference to existing operations in the band.

Using the RFCP

Coordination communication between licensees and incumbents begins when a licensee submits a coordination request, which is the first step in the four-step process for coordinating a frequency request:

  1. Submit request – A licensee submits a coordination request, which includes uploading technical parameters and, possibly, supporting information for proposed use of the band.

  2. Review request – Impacted incumbents download coordination request information and review parameters for accuracy and completeness within 10 days. If the review finds the request’s information is accurate and complete, the request is accepted; otherwise, the request is rejected. A licensee can submit a new request with improved information.

  3. Evaluate request – Impacted incumbents evaluate and perform engineering analysis on accepted requests within 60 days from when the request was reviewed and accepted. If necessary, impacted incumbents can request a pause of the the 60-day timeline, which will not occur without agreement from the licensee.

  4. Complete request – Each incumbent completes the request by issuing a response that records a decision to accept, accept with conditions, or reject the request for frequency use in the band. A request can be rejected if one or more incumbents are negatively impacted by the proposed frequency use.

Get Started

Select from these topics to get started:

  1. Ensure you have an RFCP account.

  2. Learn about coordination request timelines.

  3. Submit a coordination request (licensees only).

  4. View Request activity (incumbents and licensees).