Coordination Request Timelines

Getting Started / Coordination Request Timelines

When a licensee initiates a coordination request, the RFCP verifies the request data. Upon successful verification, the RFCP sends an acknowledgment of receipt. At this point, impacted incumbents have 10 days to review the request for completeness and accuracy.

Once a request is accepted as complete and accurate, incumbents have 60 days within which to evaluate the request and issue a decision. The following image illustrates the 10-day review timeline and the 60-day evaluation timeline.

Coordination Timeline Graph

Key Timeline Steps

Key steps in the 10-day review timeline and the 60 day evaluation timeline include:

  1. Verification of request parameters and acknowledgment of verified request (RFCP Action)

  2. ✔ Up to 5 days from request submission to acknowledge request

  3. Review of request for accuracy and completeness (Incumbent Action)

  4. ✔ Up to 10 days from request acknowledgment to accept or reject request

  5. » Incumbents who have not yet marked their review status receive a reminder email two days prior to the deadline (RFCP Action)

  6. Evaluation of request to reach a decision (Incumbent Action)

  7. ✔ Up to 60 days from accepted request (deemed accurate and complete) to evaluate and complete request decision

  8. » Incumbents who have not yet marked their resolve status to complete the evaluation receive a reminder email five days prior to the deadline and Federal regulators are cc’ed (RFCP Action)